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Through a process established by the Liberal government in 2015, Senators are appointed through an arms-length committee consisting of 3 permanent members, and 2 temporary members from the province which the incumbent Senator will represent. Prior to this process Senators were chosen and appointed by the Governor in Council and typically joined the caucus corresponding to the party in power at the time.

A list of active Senators, their affiliations, provinces, and important dates can be found here.

Read more about the Senate renewal here.

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Senate Groups

Senators are free to organize themselves into groups, of which there are currently four. Senators who wish to not affiliate with a group are categorized as non-affiliated Senators.

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Group Senators
Independent Senators Group 48
Conservative 21
Canadian Senators Group 13
Progressive Senators Group 9
Non-affiliated 5
Vacant 9
Total seats 105
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Regional Representation

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Rather than being based on population, seats in the Senate are fixed under the 1867 Constitution Act. The seats are grouped into four regions (Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes) each alloted 24 seats.

The Senate of Canada Building

The Senate of Canada Building, located at 2 Rideau st in Ottawa, Ontario, is now located in the newly rehabilited building which formerly served as Ottawa’s central train station.

Experience the building yourself with a virtual tour.

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To examine legislation and study other important issues, Senators participate in commmittees. There are currently 17 standing senate committees.

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More information about Senator Galvez' particpation in Senate committees can be found here.