Ottawa, November 29, 2017 – Today, Senator Rosa Galvez (Quebec – Bedford) awarded Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa from Vancouver, BC, with the Senate 150 Medal in a ceremony in the Senate Chamber. The Senate 150 Medals are awarded by Senators to Canadians whose generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work make their communities a better place.

Dr. Catalina Lopez-Correa has over 20 years of international experience in genomics and genetics, working both in the academic and private sector. She is currently the Chief Scientific Officer and Vice-President (Sectors) of Genome BC. Previously, Dr. Lopez-Correa held senior research positions with the pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, and the deCODE genetics lab in Iceland. Her contribution to molecular biology has raised the profile of Canadian genomics on the world stage.

Along with Dr. Lopez-Correa, Senator Galvez nominated Dr. Hellen Christodoulou (Montreal, QC) and Dr. Serge Leroueil (Quebec, QC) for their exceptional contribution to science and engineering in Canada.


“Dr. Lopez-Correa has an exceptional career both in Canada and abroad in the fields of genetics and genomics. While in Montreal, she served as Vice President of Scientific Affairs of McGill University and assured the scientific direction of Genome Quebec. I nominated Dr. Lopez-Correa for her outstanding contribution and dynamism in promoting the science of genomics in Canada.”
– Senator Rosa Galvez

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