Senator Galvez has held individual research contracts and grants totaling more than $20 million and she is the principal author of more than 80 peer-reviewed articles in journals and proceedings.

Summary of Major Research Projects

  • Lac Megantic event; emergency, contaminated site and Chaudière River contamination
  • Advanced Characterization of unconventional petroleums and their environmental fate
  • Environmental Impacts of the illumination of Jacques Cartier Bridge
  • Boating activities and its potential impacts on inland waters
  • Potential environmental impacts of the use of road melters and abrasives
  • Lands sustainability strategy and indicators in the North West Territories
  • Eco-processes development for the treatment of salted runoff for Vinci Highways in France
  • Knowledge Network on Mining Encounters and Indigenous Sustainable Livelihoods (MinEral Network)
  • Environmental Applications of high purity dolomite (e.g. acid mine drainage neutralisation, phosphate precipitation methods)
  • Cumulative impact assessment for Site C Dam, a BC hydroelectric project – requested by the government of NWT
  • Leader of an Academic Mobility program funded by Canada and Europe (including Ireland, Scotland and Italy)
  • Waste-recycling research center in Cairo, Egypt
  • Use of decision aid methods in civil engineering projects
  • Method of restoration for eutrophic lakes (enhanced coagulation, active capping)

Senator Galvez has been teaching at Université Laval since 1994. Her course teachings include the following topics:

  • Water Treatment Process
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Treatment of Hazardous Waste
  • Site Characterization and Restoration
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation
  • Contaminant Transport Processes
  • Unit Treatment Processes
  • Water Distribution Networks
  • Environmental Geotechnics
  • Attenuation and adaptation measures in relation to climate change.

Research supervision

The Senator has provided direction for over 70 graduate students and is presently supervising two graduate students.


Senator Galvez served as Chair of the Department of Civil and Water Engineering at Université Laval between 2010 and 2016 and she has managed the environmental laboratory at the University which is equipped with up-to-date analytical instruments.

Prior to joining the Senate in 2016, Senator Galvez was active as a consultant for engineering projects centering around environmental issues.

Major Projects

  • Expert panel Metropolitan Community of Quebec (2015-2016) TransCanada Pipeline Project
  • Quebec Association for Combating Air Pollution (2013) and Greenpeace Canada (2013): Expertise on the risks of transporting heavy oil by gas pipelines
  • Government of Northwest Territories (Canada): Environmental Impacts to the McKenzie River Delta (2011-2012),
  • City of Gatineau (Canada): used snow treatment unit (2010-ongoing)
  • Petrobras (Brazil): eutrophication reservoir (2008-2010)