Senator Galvez in the Library of Parliament
Senator Rosa Galvez

Hello and welcome,

This site contains a collection of my interventions, initiatives, publications, and reflections related to my work at the Senate of Canada, my ongoing role as a researcher and professor at University Laval, and my previous work as an environmental engineering consultant.

My role at the Senate, since appointment in 2016, is to represent the cultural and regional interests of Quebec and to apply my specific expertise to Senate functions including the scrutiny of legislation and committee studies on topics relevant to Canadians. I pride myself on the sense of ethics, independence, and that I bring to these tasks each day.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please reach out to my office.


Senator Rosa Galvez, originally from Peru, studied at McGill University where she obtained a doctorate in environmental engineering. She has served as a consulting engineering in the private sector as well as long-standing professor of engineering at Laval University where she was also Chair of the department from 2011 to 2016 when she was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Trudeau. Her work in the Senate, where she represents the people of Quebec as an Independent Senator, focuses on strengthening environmental protection, gender issues and income equality, and transparency in the government.

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Latest News


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September 23, 2020


Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Social Inequality

Social Inequality

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality

Ethics and Accountability

Ethics and Accountability

Climate Change

Climate Change